Barbecue Restaurant
serving Atlanta, Smyrna,
Marietta and surrounding
areas. Barbecue pork,
chicken, beef, BBQ ribs,
brunswick stew, platters
sandwiches, choice of 4 barbecue sauces.

A plate of crisp green lettuce topped with shredded cheese and your choice of delicious Bar-B-Q Pork, Beef or Chicken!
Served with your choice of dressing and Barbecue Sauce.
~  Extra Dressing:   0.50  ~
A delicious meal all by itself! 9.99
Small Chef Salad 4.99

Choice of dressings are:
Bleu Cheese  Balsamic Vinegar  Thousand Island
Italian  Ranch  Honey Mustard
French  Lite Ranch  Vidalia Onion
Oil & Vinegar

(Sandwich of your choice, BBQ sauce and pickle)
Pork on a bun 4.50
Pork on garlic toast 4.70
Beef on a bun 4.50
Beef on garlic toast 4.70
Chicken on a bun 4.50
Chicken on Garlic Toast 4.70
Rib Sandwich (3 ribs between 2 pieces of Garlic Toast) 6.99

Side items (a la carte):
Brunswick Stew ... 2.95
BBQ Beans ... 2.75
French Fries ... 2.50
Onion Rings ... 3.00
Franks & Beans ... 3.25
Garlic Toast (2 pieces) ... 0.95
Potato Chips (small bag) ... 0.75
Home made Chili ... 2.95
Hush Puppies ... 2.50
Cole Slaw (no mayo) ... 2.50
Potato Salad ... 2.50
Green Beans ...2.50
Fried Okra ... 2.50
Tossed Salad ... 3.25



Try one of our tasty grilled items!
Hot Dogs 2.25
Chilidogs 3.50
Slawdog 2.50
Small Hamburger 2.95
Cheeseburger 3.05
Deluxe Burger 3.85
Cheese Deluxe Burger 4.10
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 2.25

Prices are subject to change- Please ask for verification when ordering.

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